Card Prototype Survey

Abstract— The emerging technology of Augmented Reality (AR) holds the promise of simplifying a myriad of everyday activities. In the M assignments, I explore the design of a navigation system that leverages AR to assist a mountain bike rider in planning and following a route through a wilderness area.

In my M3 paper I presented a card prototype that steps a user through the route selection process of my hypothetical AR navigation device. The process is as follows:

Card 1: Main Menu

The main menu displays the sources of routes available to the user.

Card 2: Nearby Routes

The user has chosen the Nearby Routes option from the main menu and is shown a list of trails in their current area.

Card 3: Route Detail

After selecting a nearby route, the user views the route detail screen.

Card 4: Beginning Navigation

After confirming the route selection, the rider sees AR prompts in their field of view guiding them to the trailhead.

After reviewing the card prototype, please take my survey! Thanks for your participation.