Happy New Year! (2018)

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season as we look forward to a peaceful and productive 2018 for us all. Here are a few of the sights and sounds we captured in the past year and a half (since we didn’t do this last year, or the year before…). Looking through our media library, we realize how fortunate we have been to explore and enjoy so many places!

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Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Hyde Park, London


In the forest near Flagstaff
The US Capitol in a different era


The Women’s March in a new era, Phoenix edition
Abusing our Jeep on Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona with friends visiting from WA
Near Submarine Rock in Sedona
A stroll through the Hollywood Hills
Zuma Beach at sunset on Dennis’ birthday. Fun fact—he very nearly drowned at this spot 25 years earlier!

Dennis and Dylan spent a week at Emerald Bay Boy Scout Camp in June, and Dylan spent a week in July at Camp Geronimo. No photos from this latter trip exist, which is probably for the best.

Moon rising over Emerald Bay on Catalina Island
Our home for a week in June…
…when we weren’t just camping on the beach

We abandoned Dylan during the aforementioned Camp Geronimo for a pet sitting gig on Lake Washington.

Working hard on July 4th

Carolynn shot this video while riding a bike, don’t try this at home. Also, at around 11 seconds in, the cyclist passing us is hauling a beer keg in a trailer. Only in Seattle!

and of course Telsa

Last but not least, the cycling! Dylan competed in the Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League for the second year with his school team, the BASIS Phoenix Firebirds, along with Dennis as an assistant coach. The team had a great season, finishing sixth statewide, with Dylan finishing in third place statewide among eighth grade boys.

The good photos in the gallery below were shot by friend and fellow team coach Luc Busquin, who also serves as team photographer. He has his own photography website featuring the aerial shots he picks up working his day job as a pilot. Definitely check out the “White Tank Mountains” image full size!