Happy New Year! (2022)

Christmas Day 2021

Season’s greetings to family, friends, and random strangers who have stumbled across this page through a web search! We hope you have enjoyed the holidays, and are rested and well.

Welcome to the latest biennial update of this site! Where normal people would have posted the various events in their lives on Facebook, etc. as they occurred, we have chosen to save it for one massive update—so get a cup of coffee and strap in for the journey…

Previously, on Burges-Delany Central…

First, a quick recap of the end of 2020: In October, Dylan earned his rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts, concluding a decade of growth and camaraderie with Pack and Troop 6 in Phoenix. We’re very proud of his acheivement!

Eagle Ceremony
Workin’ for the Man

In November 2020, with the ink barely dry on his Georgia Tech diploma, Dennis was recruited by Axon Enterprise as their Senior Learning Systems Administrator and Developer (just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?) Axon’s mission is to improve relationships between law enforcement, the public, and the justice system through technology. Dennis contributes to this goal mainly by working on giant spreadsheets, programming databases, and building new Salesforce features.

Into 2021…

After talking about it for a decade, we remodeled our master bathroom! Carolynn spearheaded the massive effort to update the quirky space last remodeled in the 80’s by tiny persons to a modern masterpiece suited for normal-sized humans.

In another type of remodel, Carolynn had a surgery at the Mayo Clinic in early April to remove part of her elbow in an attempt to reduce pain from an old injury. Her recovery has been gradual and is ongoing.

Just before the surgery, Carolynn and Dennis took a trip through southern Arizona for their anniversary, visiting Wilcox wineries, hiking in Chiricahua National Monument, and passing through Bisbee.

2021 also marked the end of an era, with Dylan’s final series of bike races with NICA (Nat’l Interscholastic Cycling Assoc.) The photos below are from a particularly cold and muddy ride in Flagstaff and demonstrate our highly refined truck camping style.

The Car

Dylan’s preferred mode of transportation: the beloved 2006 Nissan 350Z, which has its own Instagram channel. It was almost a fully stock model when we got it a year ago. Now, less so thanks to Dylan’s ongoing efforts to transform it into a teenage boy’s dream machine!

Carolynn and Dennis enjoyed a lovely week in Del Mar in May, exploring the surrounding areas from San Diego to Encinitas on their bikes. They also ate several great tacos!

Meanwhile, Dylan was getting ready for Junior Prom. He also served as Arcadia High School’s Homecoming King as a senior in the fall.


In June, our family made the first of two trips to Washington (the second was in October) to visit friends and explore Bellingham and Western Washington University, where Dylan has been accepted into the Honors College.

Dennis is a drone pilot for Axon Aid, a volunteer effort to provide Axon products and services to agencies in times of crisis. He traveled to Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Ida to provide aerial surveillance of local parish buildings for damage. He has hours of video footage of the incredible devastation but will keep it light here!

Carolynn took a fall trip to Maine with her sister Kathleen and a friend. Lots of hiking, lighthouses, and lobster! She also visited her sister in Laguna Beach who now lives at the Pyne Castle! Their other sister, Brenda came to visit and they all went hiking in Sedona.

We also enjoyed some activities closer to home, like the annual Scottsdale Canal Convergence, which has become quite a spectacle.

Tesla the Dog also marked her 10th birthday in November!

Throughout the year, Carolynn worked her usual magic in the kitchen, creating numerous works of edible art. She also achieved a milestone by becoming a certified culinary practitioner through a program offered by Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital and The Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, which granted her a scholarship.

Just over two weeks ago, Dylan celebrated his 18th birthday with a raucous poker party at our house. Dennis used the occasion to dispose of the piñata that had been sitting in the garage for a decade.

Thanks for catching up with us! We wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2022 and beyond.

Mid-century Christmas